Back to the essentials: Our Tiny House in Bavaria

Luise Loué vor ihrem Tiny House

About our biggest love object: The Tiny House in Bavaria

The Tiny House in Holzhausen am Ammersee (Bavaria, between Utting and Diessen) is the permanent home of the Museum of Love. With only 12m² floor space it is the first and smallest museum on wheels. In addition to being an exhibition space for the collection of love objects, the Tiny House is a symbol of self love. It proudly bears the title as our largest love object to date. Built according to the principles of minimalism and essentialism, it makes people aware how little is necessary for a fulfilled life. Despite the basic equipment, the house is cleaned in only an incredible 30 minutes and thus creates time for the essential: love!

Our Tiny House Bayern featuring Riexploring

Everything about the concept, the construction and the minimalistic life in the Tiny House Bavaria. Luise Loué shows you around in cooperation with Riexploring.


The idea and the concept around the Tiny House in Bavaria originate from the architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel from the Tinyhouse University in Berlin. In the course of several workshops and work parties and with the help of numerous volunteers, first the shell of the building was completed followed by the entire house. The designer AnneLiWest|Berlin created an interior concept that is characterised by fresh colours, high-quality fittings and hidden storage space. Thus the love object was given its own, very cosy character.

Opening hours and events in the Tiny House in Bavaria

Tiny House Bayern Logo Minimal Anders

Our Tiny House is used in many ways: We see it not only as a place for exhibitions and events, but also as a creative space, a meeting place for like-minded people, a special location for photo shootings, coaching sessions, concerts and of course as a living and working space. True to the motto: Minimal different.

In the events section we inform you about current events at the Tiny House. The workshop “Minimalism – a pleasure. Living and working in the Tiny House”, the reading “Don’t forget love” as well as individual events or rentals are available on request.

  • Selection of previous events in the Tiny House

    • Convivial clothes-swapping party with tea and biscuits: unworn clothes in the wardrobe? Don’t throw them away – act sustainably and exchange them! And all this in pleasant company in and around the Tiny House in Bavaria
    • Think big in the Tiny House: Ideas party. Collective brainstorming on topics that move you. Discussion of individual ideas, problems or thoughts that have not yet been thought through to the end
    • Minimalism and Travel: One year of travelling with hand luggage through New Zealand with Eva Wessels
    • Tiny Concert by violinist Francesca Rappay: music that touches, creates bonds and invites exchange
    • Tiny House Week
    • Minimalism of language: favourite poems and memories and thoughts we associate with them. Visitors recite their favourite poems while being accompanied by the music of Katrin Grassmann