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The beauty of love? – It affects us all! Life writes stories that deserve a stage; love is a theme that touches everyone and is therefore perfectly suited for the most diverse events. From company celebrations to evening programmes in a restaurant or café, to cosy get-togethers in your own living room: book cabaret, music and readings by and with Luise Loué and take your guests with heart and wit into a world of unfathomable feelings and authentic love stories. Even as a one-woman show, the programme is a rousing performance. We will gladly come with our musicians, though. It is also easily possible to combine the Tour d’amour with your desired musicians.

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Hochzeit Ideen

Cabaret reading and music: TOUR D’AMOUR – Lived stories about love between 8 and 88

  • Duration: 30 min - 1,5h

  • Participants: unlimited

  • Price: by arrangement

Has anyone ever sprayed an “I LOVE YOU” on your doorstep? Was a farewell box left on your doorstep at the end of your relationship? Has this shoebox been called “Jürgen” ever since? Do you still have love letters from primary school? Does your marriage need a to-do list?

A leftover toothbrush; a fennel pierced by a Cupid arrow; the broken dishes from the last breakfast. These and many other relics tell their true, authentic love stories.

Luise Loué has collected such love objects and reaches into her treasure chest for the Tour d’amour. Memorabilia and gifts, created with fervor for a loved one, tell of the madness, magic and impossibility of love. This can be touching to tears, but also bizarre and really funny – just like love itself.

The Munich chansonwriter Stefan Noelle is a modern minstrel and a declared lover of poetry. He frames Luise Loué’s collected stories with his own love songs from different phases of life. Fine humour and honest emotion alternate. As funny as his amorous experiences with strawberry punch or the erotic potential of fennel (!) and fenugreek may sound, his songs are as touching. Noelle’s debut “Meinetwegen im Regen” received a nomination for the German Record Critics’ Award in 2016.

Together Luise Loué and Stefan Noelle weave an evening of lived stories. An evening of great feelings, true for laughing, beautiful for crying. And they implore their audience: “Don’t forget love!”

Luise Loue und Stefan Noelle

Special programme: TOUR D’AMOUR for anniversary celebrations, weddings and birthdays

  • Individual planning adapted to your celebration

  • Price: by arrangement

Luise Loué loves to support people in lifting their own treasures and to create a very personal performance for family celebrations, anniversaries or birthdays. Duration and programme of the event can be individually adapted to your ideas and your event. With the accompaniment of the Museum of Love, for example, jubilarians dug in their memories and mementos for weeks before their golden wedding anniversary and finally created a wonderful private museum about 50 years of marriage. 50 years of memorabilia and gifts: endless stories of this happy married couple. You too can relive your history!

Luise Loué

Book cabaret for your home: Rent an Artist – Living room reading with friends

Luise Loué auf der Couch
  • Duration: 2h

  • Participants: 5 - 20

  • Price: by arrangement

Sometimes it may be something else: Luise Loué comes to your home or to a location of your choice and reads exclusively for you and your friends authentic love stories from the collection of love objects: bizarre, funny – always inspiring and touching!

Afterwards, love will be discussed. Review your life and loved ones once again: Get to know each other, special experiences, the highlights and also mastered challenges. A beautiful, entertaining program that is very connecting. Goosebumps and laughter guaranteed!

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