Riexploring visiting the Tiny House Bavaria at lake Ammersee

Roman and Ioana, two adventure-seeking globetrotters, who travel the world in their hippie bus LENI, visited the Tiny House Bavaria at lake Ammersee. The two are enthusiastic about the concept of minimalism and, under the name Riexploring, get inspired by alternative lifestyles by visiting people who live in Tiny Houses or other mobile homes.

During their visit to Utting am Ammersee, they weren not only welcomed by glorious weather against a breathtaking lake backdrop, but also by Luise’s open arms in the Museum of Love in the Tiny House.

During a stimulating exchange about the idea, the implementation and the life in the TiTo, this great video was created, which illuminates the jewel in all its facets. Luise leads through all corners of the house and shows how little is necessary for a fulfilled life and how much essence fits into only 12 square meters.

The collection of love objects can be booked for private groups on request and viewed in the Tiny House.

Impressions of the shoot with Riexploring in the Tiny House Bavaria