A new love object reached me safely today – from New York City.

I feel very honored it has been sent to me to be exhibited in my Museum of Love Objects. I’m very touched by it’s story and the love transmitted by the words …

Thank you, Li Araki, and all my best! I will take care of it.

May everybody have a person in life about whom she / he can say:

„I felt her truly unconditional love for me every day of my life.“

Heart pendant / Herzanhänger

My grandmother, Pearl Ploughman Gryzlo, won this pendant at Coney Island amusement park in Brooklyn, New York when she was a young girl in the 1920s. It passed to me after her death in 2004.

I felt her truly unconditional love for me every day of my life.
Li Araki, Artist from New York City, 2016.

Meine Großmutter, Pearl Ploughman Gryzlo, gewann diesen Anhänger als junges Mädchen im Coney Island Vergnügungspark in Brooklyn, New York, in den 20er Jahren.Nach ihrem Tod 2004 bekam ich ihn.

Ich spürte ihre aufrichtige, bedingungslose Liebe jeden Tag in meinem Leben.
Li Araki, Künstlerin aus New York City, 2016.

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